Trailer for Their Last Stand

A short teaser for the upcoming feature film production of ‘Their Last Stand’. Back this film through our crowd-funding programme and help mould this untold narrative at:…

‘Their Last Stand’ is the story of how twelve Sikhs faced the invasion of Darbar Sahib Amritsar, by the Indian State in June 1984. Despite being from differing backgrounds, they find themselves encamped together and forced to come to terms with the reality of the situation that they are in: besieged, without provisions, and facing a certain death. Amidst the questions, lamentations and struggles that each of them goes through in the hours that they are together, is a growing realisation that they have a decision to make – the most important one of their lives.

Starring: Ajmeet Singh, Baljit Singh, Biravtar Singh, Charan Singh, Chater Singh, Gurpreet Singh Rehal, Iqbal Singh Grewal, Jairam Singh Parmar, Pavandeep Singh Sandhu, Satbir Singh Kalirai, Shamsher Singh, Sunmit Singh

Written and Directed: Harwinder Singh Mander
1st Assistant Director: Raj Hundal
2nd Assistant Director: Narvir Singh
Camera Operators: Raj Hundal, Narvir Singh
Editor: Narvir Singh
Script Editors: Jagdish Kaur Lall, Meharban Singh Lall
Produced: Jagdish Kaur Lall, Bhups Deol
Music by Jetsonic & Squire Tuck; ‘The Last Whale’ by Jeremy Wray
Executive Producer: Jagdip Singh Mander


A short highlighting how we as a community are policing the women in our families. What’s the best way to keep your younger sister safe and show your love for her?

Young girl … Avneet Kaur Mahoon
Older brother … Jagdeep Singh Mahoon
Radio host … Harwinder Singh Mander
Radio caller … Jaswinder Kaur
Radio advertisment … Narvir Singh

Music by … Chris Zabriskie
Song by … Les Paul & Mary Ford – Vaya Con Dios (1953)

Camera operator … Gurbir Singh Nakhwal
Director of photography … Gurbir Singh Nakhwal
Directed & Produced … Narvir Singh


The forced disappearance of Punjabi intellectuals over the last 30 years is the unspoken war that has been fought since Indian Armed forces invaded Darbar Sahib in Amritsar. This orchestrated campaign by those in power to permanently silence key academics, scholars, authors, playwrights, poets, journalists and students has denied Punjabi society of those who might have helped it to advance. Men who have called themselves Sikhs have sat alongside others who merely don the garb, to abduct targeted people as they walk in broad daylight. It is shocking to witness, let alone endure. But what is more shocking is that the Punjabi society which remains untouched sits silently still and few step up to replace the intellectuals, save for those who echo the status quo.

Written and directed by Harwinder Singh Mander
Director of Photography by Gurbir Singh Nakhwal
Produced by Narvir Singh and Harwinder Singh Mander
Music by Matthew Huffaker
Starring: Navdeep Singh, Avneet Kaur, Harwinder Singh Mander, Jagdeep Singh, Shamsher Singh, Biravtar Singh, Imrat Singh

Who Killed Bobby Rai

Bobby Rai, an ordinary young man of a Punjabi-Sikh background was murdered in highly suspicious circumstances as he walked home from his local train station. He had become one of the most recognisable spokesmen in the #iPledgeOrange movement the previous year and his murder came as a shock at a time when Sikh activism in the UK had mostly dissipated. A lack of suspects and rumours of an investigative cover-up leads the 9-6 Network to investigate ‘Who Killed Bobby Rai?’

A short docu-fiction inspired by real life events and in tribute to the #iPledgeOrange movement.

Narrator … Bhupinder Deol
Daljit Singh … Sulakhan Singh Khosa
Rick … Ben Gardner Gray
Carrie … Shauna Leone
Doug … Alex Corbet Burcher
Ryan … Nour Eid
Raghbir … Iqbal Singh Grewal
Commuter … Kate Stern-Weiner
Paramedic … Mena Shah
‘Sikh 1’ … Gurbir Singh
‘Sikh 2’ … Narvir Singh
Bobby Rai … Harvy Mander

Director and Writer … Harwinder Singh Mander
Director of Photography … Gurbir Singh
Sound Recordist … Narvir Singh
Composer … Bobby Singh Kang
Producers … Harwinder Singh Mander and Narvir Singh
Executive Producer … Jagdip Singh Mander