The Colour of Punjab

The colour of punjabA landscape of a state, that I kinda love to hate,
To love, cause it’s a place of where people live rough,
Fiends and dreams,
Plenty political teams,
Creating corruptions in one colourful scene.

It’s a place of strong Brown and Brown crime
It’s a place of wrongs, yet Golden wheat I find

The land of the Blue rivers used to be bigger
They painted the town Red, now we go figure

Why there’s darkness, in our home,
dark Brown whiskey, Grey goose
You’ll never feel alone

Is this really who I am?
How could I come from the land
Stained like blood on a White kurta,
who could’a

Taken the colourful beauty I seen in books,
The Green fields, Pink flowers,
Replaced with dark looks

Catching corruption caught Red handed
Blood inked Constitution
Planned it
when it was founded

They figure a way to escape the hands of justice
Trust this,
Silver beards on forefathers must have rusted

Isn’t this the place the Ten Masters arose
Their scent filled the land like a Violet rose,

Now it’s a new game,
Destruction in the veins,
a heroin strain
Of light Brown dust,
Escaping is their only must

Forget having a Blackberry on an Orange signal
Or Air Tel, ah hell, please tell,
Me. You’re using the Bluetooth
To connect to deep Brown roots

But amongst all the darkness,
I close my eyes and I still see coloured light
I still see neighbours White teeth shining with kindness
I still find Golden temples, built-in their hearts
I still find Orange Nishaan flags fluttering forever

They say:
There’s no Black and Whites,
no wrongs or rights.
Need’a get used to the bittersweet
grey kinda life

Even when you seem to hate me and push me away,
Punjab, whatever the colour:
I love you each day.