Raxstar – Ego

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Dream Warriors Music Group // http://www.dreamwarriors.tv

Music produced by Sunit // @SunitMusic
Rap written and performed by Raxstar // @Raxstar

Directed by Gurbir Nakhwal // BushyBeard.com // @GurbirNakhwal
and Narvir Singh // @Narvision

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I want to seek the truth
Don’t want to hurt no soul
It ain’t easy to do
So we learn as we go
They say it’s hard to be nice
When your fear’s so strong
Asking me questions like
Why do you let your beard grow long?
That don’t deserve an answer
Tryna elevate the scene that I’m a part of
The temptation is to be a martyr
But the sins of the son can curse the father
So we live for the moment trust in the future
The past is a memory it can’t control us
Earned my respect that’s cojones
You don’t deserve it like a bankers bonus
Retweet that, he’s back with his beanie hat
This one’s for you if you’ve got Fulfilling Ambition in your CD rack

Gal meri manlay veeriya (Listen to me my brother)
Eh duniya di tundh e veeriya (This is the coldness of the world my brother)
Jinha nu pyar ditha o dhoka kavondhe (The ones whom we show love to feed us betrayal)
But I ain’t eating up

How many times have I done this
Since 2005 I have run this
Maybe I’m out of my mind but I want this
Been a couple thousand of mine maybe hundreds
Songs of mine that can be found in abundance
You could try breaking me down with the truncheons
But I pray making the sounds of a hunter
I ain’t never fly around like a vulture
A soldier they can’t tie down to a bunker
I fly out in the clouds with the thunder
Astounding when you see the crowd in a wonder
Fire still burning I found my hunger
I was lost for a second but I’m found again
My Ego told me to write you a letter so I took out my book and I found a pen
Voices in my head something’s telling me to write it down
Ego’s getting bigger I’m too powerless to fight it now
All I got is choices, All I got is choices
Made a date with destiny but somehow I missed the appointment
All I got is choices, All I got is choices,
Made a date with destiny and now there’s no way to avoid it


Living in a bubble of them saying they feel you
You don’t reply back they say that you’re real rude
And I just want to eat I ain’t talking about real food
Don’t mean the Bible when I say verses heal you
The Lord above is the person I appeal to
Never worshipped money it’s only you that I kneel to
Too much of anything you love can kill you
And I fail to see the reason I’m compared to
Don’t make me laugh, you’re a daydreamer
You ain’t worked as hard as me or raised the bar
So bow down and taste the tar
On the road, I’ve got to go don’t chase my car
Telling me to slow down what the brakes are for
They tried to put me in a box that I’ma take apart
Who you think I wrote fading for?
I was lost and I stayed indoors
Crazy thoughts plus creative force
Equals a beauty we were craving for
Now I’m ready for the world let’s arrange a tour
It didn’t take 7 days like Craig David or
Makaveli but we praise the legend
Touch the feet of the elders who gave their blessing
Loved music since age 11
And 18 years later she stayed a best friend
I believe when they say it’s destined
Ain’t mad at anybody who came and left him
Took baby steps
And now I feel like Charles Xavier leader of the Asian X-Men