Recorded using internal mic on laptop.
Produced by Ghosthouse – Fine.



I see the same things
as the insane kings
like Maharaja Ranjeet
seat meet defeat
on the khalsa front
the panth is done
with lineage taking over
puts dignity a little lower
in the eye of the white man
white tiger white flower
final hour, twelve o clock
when we begin to rock
the same time I find
I rhyme to soul’s hold
loosening my breath
and find some rest
I hold it like a gun
mind on the one
sword or lord, I devour
the ones living sour
at the expense of peace
and pounds found
through fortunes
from less fortunate
earth, they hurting it
these blokes who gloat
about the world’s glory
they bore me,
baagi’s around town
with crowns
they the folk
that I be down, for.


yo Kharak whatever
you ain’t so clever
your tactics
can’t match this
Nalwa state of mind
you pretty mental
bling-ing like a temple
on the outside
I ride the tide of hope
man of the people
how did you cope?
you now turned feeble
he signed a treaty
in case they beat he
and meet he
on the battlefield
then he feel
the khalsa mindset
a general in the 80s
instead of other babies
he tried to wait in LINE
but he made up his MIND
it was victory that really deserved
cuz it matched his worth.
that was given at birth
but he found himself
looking like Maharaja Duleep Singh
sitting back drinking gin
he travelled many miles
exiled for a LONG while
and now he dreams of old days
in misls slash files