Recorded in Sept 2013 on an internal laptop mic.



A fable where I’m still able
to be sleeping in a cradle
take aim with Yoshi in a game
and a red guy, wow found flame
flap flap with the wings to attack
by spinning by pressing A back to back
Beating these enemies they dying
But not as much as me, crying from trying
so hard to beat the boss
3 year old ‘n still feeling the loss
understood what victory really meant
jumping for highest ladder as I went,
past, laughed hard till the last second
no time to eat till we reckon
mum comes home ‘n starts stepping
said we as not just me
there’s also my big brother, he
taught me the pad and controls
so I thank him as I rolls
past Bowser and his children
making sure that I kill them
as that’s what natures there for?
or maybe I’ll unlearn that, therefore.