King Midas – Raxstar (& SunitMusic)

Rap written and performed by Raxstar
Music produced and mixed by Sunit
Additional mix and master by Mo Khan
Scratches by Turkish Dcypha

Filmed and edited by Narvir Singh (Narvision)

Starring Simran Hunjun & Sehar Zam

Special thanks to Char Avell
Thank you’s to Swami Baracus, RKZ, TaZzZ, Kholcha, Malik and Tony (Cornershop), Singh Mahoon, L-Fresh, Jay Dee


I got a little bit of success and now they act like I ain’t had it harder
A warrior’s only as strong as the weakness in his armour
They say I’ve changed and I’m lacking in bars so
Now I’m going back to being that asshole
Girls say they love me I know what they really mean
They just wanna fuck a rapper or somebody who can sing
And yea that’s cool but I’m tryna tour the world
You man are making music just so you can move to girls
I won’t stop how many bars do you want
I’m the past present future I’m the father and son
I came from the gutter still a part of the slum
Pardon the pun, the harder they fall the harder they cum
Ask your girl about me
All these rumours swirl around me
I laugh at half the shit that I have heard about me
You fuckers watching throwing stones at the King
Call me Midas I turn everything as gold as my skin

Kuthe ponkh de ne hun nikaldi nai awaaz
You was acting braveheart hun behte chup chaap
That’s how embarrassing this is
I got girls saying take me out like Paddy McGuinness
But this ain’t rapping I live it
They want to manage my image
Saying I got responsibilities like having a kid is
Now I don’t take virginities but if she’s happy to give it
Who am I to say no? I’ll be happy to hit it
I set the bar high
Typical Scorpio so I can’t lie
Music lives forever so I can’t die
They always ignore us I feel like we live in apartheid
I’m sick of these caricatures and archetypes
Who you calling boss man?
You man ain’t seeing straight like you’re Gok Wan
So keep watching and throwing stones at the King
Call me Midas I turn everything as gold as my skin