Hunger in the Martyr

Recorded on an internal laptop mic.
The Dopplegangerz – Ungodly instrumental.



Hunger in a martyr is hardest to get
Propaganda works well when you forget
I never rest when the best are lonely
Bullet ridden, be killing the holy
The oppressive villains
I’m willing to use my pen
When I see a friend taken
By the force within
Taking focus from those on the lotus
Cursed worse than locus
Hocus pocus, magic men claiming cures
To take away the sinister sleeping snores, And wake the slumber, I find thunder
In the black of the 80s, When we were babies
Maybe things will naturally change
I reign in mental ability,
light the flame
Fight the trauma, for wanting water
to make crops to feed the community
And then I see whats in me
and then I find divinity
and if the kin with me
See the sin in me
then they only find infinity
reasons to not have unity

I was followed by days of destruction
in Delhi, no function
like railway junctions
in forty-seven, it’s heaven
finding the essence
but they be messing with lesson
making sure we never deafen
only resting with the tested
they lessening our lessons
take a smith ‘n weston
to shoot off their mask
Shatter the lie like glass.