It’s ironic how we hate, how others hate us,
But hate the others, how others hate us

You think it’s a must,
but it’s the same loss of same trust
You see a black man on the news
And you automatically want him to lose
His freedom, his life, his self-respect,
Yet the jury hasn’t given a verdict yet

Yet, you already know ‘he did it’

As his heart is as dark,
as the skin protecting it,
born to fight discrimination
Yet our nation is inflicting it,

It’s funny…HA!

as you dislike black people,
But still wanna be treated as an equal,

The size of the crime is on the rise
You patronize, not empathize

You love a black guy if
He scores in the second half,
On yours and your team’s behalf,

A bright smile at the win
you’re finally ignoring his skin
If you saw that same man
while you’re locking up your van
you might walk back
double check the lock
as him being a thief
won’t be a shock

You love a black man if he dances or raps
makes track after track
But sooner or later
your superiority is back
as now he’s off the stage
and off the page
you think you’re better looking
as your skins lighter

Hence you worry about a tan after a holiday
Making you scared of looking too dark ‘n ugly.

It’s kinda funny…HA!

As India see Sikhs in the very same way
You’re the strongest soldiers, greatest dancers
and best carpenters n farmers

But poets? Artists? Intellectuals?

Nah that’s too complex
Because you’re dumb, young
and full of rum

is it the dumb media that left us dumb found
Or are we just dizzy from watching Disney?

We paint Sikh heroes
as whiter than pearls
with a pinkish hue
And the eyes are blue
and the Mughal is who
looks ten shades darker
Making truth harder,
to relate.

It’s kinda funny…HA!

As you hate them, how they hate us
no wonder, they hate us, like we hate them,

It’s like you’re rolling with the KKK
Instead of the 5Ks
But you’re doing it when you have both
Breaking your oath

It’s time we recognized… and finally realized
our fight is to win rights, for the marginalized

Find light in the dark,
like Rosa Parks,
Malcolm X and Dr.King,
Forget trying to win,

be willing to die
don’t die crying
die trying
Like the 9th Master.

It’s like we deserve all the hatred
from when we immigrated
Cuz we treat the new brothers
With the same hate, we hated

It’s like wherever we go,
whatever money trees we grow
We remember one thing:

White is good. Black is bad.
If that’s the case, I suppose brown is average.

It’s kinda funny…HA!

As you hate them, how they hate us
no wonder, they hate us, like we hate them,

It’s time I break the cycle
It’s time I open the mind.