Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Raxstar Cover)

“I wasn’t born there but it feels like it’s Home
stranger in a land that doesn’t see me as its own,
The stories I could tell the places that I’ve been,
The faces that are lost and use my words just to be seen”

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Lyrics written and performed by Raxstar // @Raxstar
Produced & Mixed by Luke Masih // @LukeMasih

Video shot and edited by Narvir Singh // @Narvision

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I wasn’t born there but it feels like its home
Stranger in a land that doesn’t see me as its own
The stories I could tell the places that I’ve been
The faces that are lost and use my words just to be seen

She was born here this land is her home
She plays with some dirt in an alley on her own
Kneading it like bread making shapes out of it
What’s so fascinating to her is something that I don’t get
Maybe I’m not supposed to
Her innocence is present I can’t put it in my vocals
But she wore a pink dress that was permanently grey
It had never been washed I thought she’d turn to me and say
“What you looking at?” but she was so engrossed
In the dirt, she was playing with it covered up her toes
I wondered if her Mum would come and tell her to stop
Was her Mum even aware of where her daughter was?
Or was she lost herself?
Or maybe she had lost her health
and now the only family she had was some foster help
I should’ve given money to her, How much does it cost to help?
Justified it as she was a stranger and I stopped myself
And that’s what I regret the most
I could have went to get her clothes
Before I thought to get involved
My cousin started talking slowly took me inside
And before I turned around she stopped and looked me in my eyes like

I hope that you remember me

If she grew up in a Western country would her life be any different?
Would her Dad be around? Or would be too busy drinking?
After a hard days work, he hasn’t got the time
To be a Father to her, he thinks she’s doing fine
and does he even care? She’s born into a culture
that doesn’t value women, Would he rather have a son or
does he see himself as someone who let her live?
He knew she was a girl inside the womb and she exists
Because he gave her permission… How sick is that?
And she knows this cos he told her now she’s tryna pay him back,
With no positive male there to be her guiding light
All she’s got is reality TV every single night,
Always online now its more than a hobby
Posting pictures every few hours showing parts of her body
Self-worth determined by the amount of likes she gets
All she hears is hate from the voices inside her head
Nobody to tell her she’s beautiful
and to save herself for someone that is suitable
Who hasn’t been her age and felt like they’re a loser too?
I know I have and I know that time is brutal too
What I imagined seeing that four-year-old
in dirty clothes playing in the street with a runny nose
I hope I’m wrong and her life is filled with beauty
close my eyes and I can see her face is looking to me like

I hope that you remember me…

I remember you…