Berlin based artist Julius von Bismarck

*pulls gun fingers from pocket. begins speaking to gun finger hand*

I love how you’re always ready,
I just need to make sure that I…hold it steady…

Fill the cartridge and….

I have the option to shoot at 50 per second,
Gotta slow it down to make sure I get ’em

Widen the angle to capture every enemy
Every single one, Standing ahead of me

Rubber case, just in case you slip
Protective bag for journeys,
Can’t take the risk

Pirate style Big barrel, you are my cannon
Powerful enough to replenish any famine

Let’s see which villains mean
Connect the shotgun
To really catch the scream

Each subscription is another restriction
To the oppression that they fostering

Shooting down corruption one shot at a time,
Babas, committees, you’re all victims of mine,


Never drew first, always self-defence
Using my camera as my weapon,
always makes sense

Cannon unto canon unto Canon…