Boston Manor Park

Recorded on internal laptop mic.
Just Look Instrumental by SorekByNino.



I picked apart the park
that set me on the path
battle wasn’t half as hard
now I have heart
and then we laughed
two souls giggle,
wiggle the ground
a sound vibration
making trauma vacant
I sit patient
against the memory
that I’m facing
I’m wasting no time
for the fall
I’m springing up
I’m ringing up
only those who matter
who batter
the oppression globally
it’s home to me
wherever I am
and rest assured
the best are all
whom have their ears open
and fight the threats that are spoken
I’m toking the same breath
of the ten G’s
which means
no one can tell me that I’m mean
unless they see me as a threat
I bet
I Singh nod every Singh I met
and get faith and trust
used for righteousness
I bus a bus with no fuss
walk the path as an artist
rip apart the darkness
but that’s never really been
really the hardest
creating art
has always been there
since the beginning
it’s a means to be winning
memories from fading mind
I rhyme
to remind myself
at a later time:
that everything’s okay
that things always work out