Book of Narvir: Chapter one

Born into a town with no worth,
Could’a been worse, only Isleworth,
Then to Hounslow,
Where life seemed a little cursed

Life seemed normal
Till about thirteen,
Continuous loss of best friends,
Felt it was me

Natural born rebel
Ability to bring hell
I guess I just really
wanted to be felt

Bad news,
Always made me lose my rag,
Punching walls was the only,
Release I had.

Went from the nerds and geeks,
to hanging with kids on streets,
Till late,
building that built up hate

Saw a friend smoke a cigarette in year seven,
Who said you only get cancer ‘n go to heaven,
If you smoke past the line,
Remember thinking
They’re either dumb or blind,

The violence was creeping in,
And weed ‘n alcohol were leaking in,
into my body,
no one could stop me

smoked weed at fourteen,
But my cousin must have been,

Two years younger
‘n he was with me,
So instead of helping he,
I sunk him lower than he was supposed to be

no one ever thought let’s help ’em
Until came a kind kid from Feltham

Started breaking the ignorance of racism,
Joint forces and found women,
Double dating, rearranging,

So he had a girlfriend ‘n I did too,
They were friends ‘n so were us two dudes

After about two years,
And a hell of a lot’a tears,
He broke up with her,
But she got close to me,
And I pursued her,
Without telling he,

Worse of all, I didn’t tell my girlfriend
And nor did I try to end,
It with her,
nor did I try to mend
It with her.

I hurt the people who loved me most
And maybe even the ones to do so first,

‘N so I wasn’t much of a ladies man.
Even betrayed the man who gave me the plan

And then baam!
Joined a gang

with new fake mates,
I stayed up late,
smoked more weed,
Got lost in the greed,
Used each other,
Abused each other,

And on my seventeenth birthday
Fought in a new way
Arms and legs flinging,
Everyone bringing
A new rage
I just need to RIPPPP OUT
a new page

Too many fights
too quick
Too much sight,
As a kid

But was rocked on many’a occasions,
Felt lost in a box labelled Asian

So before eighteen,
I switched it all up
New scene

Dived into culture,
Searching like a vulture,
Then found meaning
And my heart starting singing

6 months later,
And I had new strength
Goodbye to the faker,
Buried by my undertaker

I was being treated like an equal,
And be forgiven by the people,
and it happened.

Turned a new chapter
And started a fresh.
Attempts to be the best and…
clear up my mess…