Beautiful Decay – Noyz

Lyrics and rapping by Noyz
Filmed and edited by Narvision


Majority rules, the rest of us are caught in the trap
lost in the back, trying to figure where the margin is at
it keeps growing,
knowing that the size of it is widening
my eyes have been opened to the ways of the world
and if I pay it no mind, then they’ll pay me what’s mine
low wages wit the promise that they’ll raise it in time
but if I step to the system,
the rest of them are distant
suppression left them never trying to question what’s been missing
arrested in a prison, never seeing the bars,
but it’s embedded in our thinking to prevent us from resisting
reaching for the stars, but told they’re out of range
so I’m speaking to you all to hold us from the flames
but the change we’re seeking won’t come
if police stroll slums and each can hold guns
we sleep, but no sun can awake us
take us out the bottom of this Sodom that they’ve placed us
we’re coming up