Babas in Paris

Dedicated to all the fake babas out there…!


Special thanks to Ajmeet, Anoopdeep, Gurmaher, Jasmin, Simran


Naam jap so hard
Shatan can’t find me
T-Series wanna sign me

What’s 50 lakh to a Baba like me, can you please remind me?

Jap so hard, this naam crazy
Go to gurdwara, eat jalebi

Drink some chaa, then go on stage
And wild out like this naam gravy

Jap so hard we clown these
Poor bechare gianis
I tell their sangat life is good and make them give me money

Ayo: my chele they see me on Zee TV,
In Kenya, Toronto, the UK, in Cali,

Naam jap so hard, got a paycheck
From my boys in the RSS

They’re wack but it’s cool though
As long as they pay me Bro

Naam jap so hard, I’m shocked too
I’m supposed to be locked up too
If you do what I do
You’ll be in Zona doin’ yoga too

Naam jap so hard I get paid
My Swiss account is cray cray
Got a gold watch, a big yacht,
Looting people all day

Naam jap so hard, yo’ behave
and I might let you meet me
in my Audi, my Beamer, my Benz or my Bentley

Naam jap so hard, Shatan can’t find me
That naam cray
That naam cray
That naam cray

Naam jap so hard, Shatan can’t find me
That naam cray
That naam cray
That naam cray

She said, Baba, I don’t know what to do
I said, don’t kabrah just do what you do

She said okay but came back in an hour
And I say I don’t know just give me 50 dollars

Jap so hard, that naam cray, ain’t it mayn
Say it a lot and I get paid

Then I go out, to my pind
And buy all the land like I’m with the Indian Government

Stupid munda, idher aa, do this ‘sa re ga ma pa’,
I’ll sit back and watch you play, then tell my sangat it was me

Other babeh ain’t do it right if you ask me
Cause my way’s the sacha way, I keep it classy

My sathis right here
And my sangat right there
And my pandit in front
With his very red hair

Docsaab says I’m real ill
Then he give me mad bills
I’m that Baba in Paris, and I’m goin’ gorillas, huh!