Smith N Wesson – Ashishpal (feat. Pierre)

Produced, mixed, and mastered: Ashishpal
Outro: Gabriel Plotkin
Video filmed by: Jabar Jung & Gobind Singh
Edited by: Narvision

Ashishpal @YungAshuSingh
Pierre @pierreknxws


My only hope is I don’t tear at my seams/
Pray that they singin my song when I leave/
Lord, please forgive me cuz I’m young and naive/
If he step to me oh I know he won’t breathe/

I hope I don’t go and teach em a lesson now
I hope I don’t take my smith and wesson out

Grinding with tactics and treating you factious,
My limbs are relaxed when I’m kicking it back,
It’s the nigga with a bat running straight for your matters,
So ease to the fact what you feel is unmanaged,
Kill a solar system my dawgs is vicious if you people listen know I’m too persistent,
I grind with heads sparing you no comment all food for thought too bad it’s time to kill ya,
And I shake the building the shit that I make is creating children,
No food for your plate cause I’m raiding kitchens with a bottle of this yac(cognac) that I take a piss in,
Nigga fuck your vision all counts for bitching if you niggas tripping send my dogs to sick em,
Yea for instance I’ll talk to pimping then I grab his face and leave his throat constricted,
Yea I’ll take a hit I roam with a click of anonymous kids,
And nigga shooting ones so it’s best get a grip and it’s dark is it gets,
When roaming the streets this the song that we sing,
Just listen to realistic no need for the proof leaving no competition,
Ride with a sack getting chased so we dipping call it a blimp this the reason we stinking,
A metropolis the songs that hit take your consciousness,
Then you form a ditch where your body sits and my arm blitz at your confidence,
Gave her a spliff told her to hold it,
She asked where it’s from I said its imported,
My brains is distorted don’t care what your point is and you niggas fucked up if you call me a poet,

Please don’t push me no/
If I break you’ll be no more/
Please don’t piss me off/
If I break I’ll rip your throat/

I hope I don’t go and teach em a lesson now
I hope I don’t take my smith and wesson out