Angels and Demons Freestyle

Real off-the-top freestyle from a 3AM night in Nov 2013.
Recorded on an internal laptop mic.
Transcript of freestyle (thanks to @jagklall)



I write things that I be seeing when I close my eyes
And realise that everything I was taught was a lie
So I’m a lie in, but I’m just lying to my own hole
in my soul.
I realise that its so gaping
Itself, and I know it’s gonna be taking
that all the love I’ve ever received and never given back
I’m gonna come back and attack
that same shame that be telling me I can’t lose
Coz’ I realise that it belongs in the hug
And if I give then I will receive
And that’s the one beauty that I’ve seen within me
Coz’ I know
I could really change the globe
and If I tried
I will make sure no one ever cried
coz’ I know that pain will be taken away
when I realise that it’s all within me
so I’m gonna be doing it for all the guys at 23
haven’t realised
I’m coming with the same pain
felt like when I was 63 probably in my own past life
so I’m-a do it for the rights, and do it for the fights
that we never really won
coz’ we did it all alone
so I’m gonna be walking,
kind of really talking
for the same people that never were born king
when I come in the game and realise
that this is what i live for my name
I lie for
everyone to be taking that blame
that self-sabotaging
is just targeting
the same person that you really really need to love
make sure you give yourself
one big hug
and tell yourself that it’s all within
and if you wanna be a king
then you can be that king
you don’t need to be realising it’s in the name of the Singh
so I came back
you don’t even really need to really really sin
so I don’t even really need to really believe that
and I express it through real rap
coz’ I be try’na open my eyes and open my heart
and realise the lies
so I’m gonna be laughing when I be talking to my own soul
and saying, ‘man I love you’
coz’ this is the best thing i could say
‘thank you. I love you. I forgive you’
this is all the best things
thank you my lord
I’ll be telling me it’s all about coming for that sword
chop off the head of ignorance
and that’s the best place that i’m gonna come for it though
I’m-a keep on going when I’m dropping and i’m slowing
anyone who wanna show it, i’ll be like I’m-a come n be showing
and I don’t know if this is just the right kinda way
coz’ I’ma make sure my community from UK
be coming with a way that we can express ourselves
and make sure that we do it for our own health
and fight the ego
tell my own bro that we can fight the ego
then we gonna go and we gonna fight that ego
keep fighting fighting
when I come back and the lighting be coming
so fast, it be like sharper than the lighting bolt
coz’ it’ll be like Usain Bolt
and when i be coming I don’t know if I be running from myself
in my own darkness
but regardless
i’m coming like the fastest
bolt, bolt, when i be a coming on the Sunday
when I be on the run day
when I be kinda on the fun-est day
when I be doing like a ‘chatka’ in Gatka
they’ll be telling me that I’ve maybe gone too far
but that’s alright
so I slow it down
take time and realise when I’m rhyming on
Immortal technique beat *giggle*
and then I find my feet…