Alchemist prod. Reklaws

Produced by Reklaws



I’ve seen the pyramids for decades
I cascade anyone who inlaid
a well-paid, pre-paid, bridesmaid
wanna downgrade
but I wanna go sunshade
I invade anyone who persuades me to pervade
but always joking, ‘cuz this is my password
the crossword, I watched words
you see me break out like a jailbird
but the long-haired
don’t always see
how to be prepared
for the un-repaired
so I see their beads
and needs they wanna feed
when they see me plead and bleed
this is the fasted speed that I can’t
do what I do when I find the tweed suit
isn’t everything to be seen through
the mislead-ed
run with the stampeded
cause you’re an inbreed
take it all up like you are a crossbreed
always remember to just proof-read
siegfried taught me how to misread
but I find the birdseed
sprinkle in the sea, like it be the seaweed
I need to wee, I need to succeed
that’s exactly how I find success
so I precede
less distressed but not careless
wearing necklaces with Malcolm Xs
the exorcists wanna distress the kids
let’s mess with the rest who mess with less
crowded, see the shrouded learn
yearn for anything that was absurd
I see hear the unguarded ones
use words like those retarded ones
unaided unshaded still jaded
I see braided people in my own eyes
relax, and then I find that the spies
don’t see they are the true werewolves
I be tearing it like my names Beowulf

In like a nymph…like a nymph.