Recorded this off the top freestyle on 12th October 2015.

Let’s start from the dawn
the minute I was born
1989, this is when I find
my own feet, but now
I don’t wanna feel defeat
even if I wasn’t fed
now I feel like
I never really felt my soul
and now I know why I felt that
I was surrounded by people on a map that
couldn’t even find themselves
now how they gonna find where they’re going
I make sure that I’m flowing
like this is creativity, that I really need
they wanna tell me that I can’t believe
all of the hype, the black and the white
now I don’t wanna tell ’em
what is a compromise
telling me that they
want me to rise
to a level, never heard of
then I realise, that it’s my own instinct
telling me ‘do what I think’
do what you need to do,
that ain’t manmukh
you need to make sure that you
are always full
like this isn’t living life like a fool
but I do what I can do, at the realist school
and I don’t mean heathlands
I don’t mean Springwell
I mean what will keep me well
and that’s doing what I can
learning burning
all the bullshit
that I shoulda been learning
I be yearning
now I know I was never dead never alive
I just be
going with the ride
that is my hukam
I make sure it be like boxing
and I’m gonna hook em like
these guys don’t really understand
I don’t even understand what is my plan
I go from day to day
making the pay
and I don’t mean in that, wealthy way
but this is what I need to do
every single other dude,
needs to do what they need to do
so I be telling me that
this is my school
like this is my way
like this is my TRUTH.