The Colour of Punjab

The colour of punjabA landscape of a state, that I kinda love to hate,
To love, cause it’s a place of where people live rough,
Fiends and dreams,
Plenty political teams,
Creating corruptions in one colourful scene.

It’s a place of strong Brown and Brown crime
It’s a place of wrongs, yet Golden wheat I find

The land of the Blue rivers, used to be bigger
They painted the town Red, now we go figure

Why there’s darkness, in our home,
dark Brown whiskey, Grey goose
You’ll never feel alone

Is this really who I am?
How could I come from the land
Stained like blood on a White kurta,
who could’a

Taken the colourful beauty I seen in books,
The Green fields, Pink flowers,
Replaced with dark looks

Catching corruption caught Red handed
Blood inked Constitution
Planned it
when it was founded

They figure a way to escape the hands of justice
Trust this,
Silver beards on forefathers, must have rusted

Isn’t this the place the Ten Masters arose
Their scent filled the land like a Violet rose,

Now it’s a new game,
Destruction in the veins,
a heroin strain
Of light Brown dust,
Escaping is their only must

Forget having a Blackberry on an Orange signal
Or Air Tel, ah hell, please tell,
Me. You’re using the Bluetooth
To connect to deep Brown roots

But amongst all the darkness,
I close my eyes and I still see coloured light
I still see neighbours White teeth shining with kindness
I still find Golden temples, built-in their hearts
I still find Orange Nishaan flags fluttering forever

They say:
There’s no Black and Whites,
no wrongs or rights.
Need’a get used to the bitter-sweet
grey kinda life

Even when you seem to hate me and push me away,
Punjab, whatever the colour:
I love you each day.


Berlin based artist Julius von Bismarck

*pulls gun fingers from pocket. begins speaking to gun finger hand*

I love how you’re always ready,
i just need to make sure that i…hold it steady…

Fill the cartridge and….

I have the option to shoot at 50 per second,
Gotta slow it down to make sure I get ’em

Widen the angle to capture every enemy
Every single one, Standing ahead of me

Rubber case, just in case you slip
Protective bag for journeys,
Can’t take the risk

Pirate style Big barrel, you are my cannon
Powerful enough to replenish any famine

lets see which villains mean
Connect the shotgun
To really catch the scream

Each subscription is another restriction
To the oppression that they fostering

Shooting down corruption one shot at a time,
Babas, committees, you’re all victims of mine,


Never drew first, always self defence
Using my camera as my weapon,
always makes sense

Cannon unto canon unto Canon…

Book of Narvir: Chapter one

Born into a town with no worth,
Could’a been worse, only Isleworth,
Then to Hounslow,
Where life seemed a little cursed

Life seemed normal
Till about thirteen,
Continuous loss of best friends,
Felt it was me

Natural born rebel
Ability to bring hell
I guess I just really
wanted to be felt

Bad news,
Always made me lose my rag,
Punching walls was the only,
Release I had.

Went from the nerds and geeks,
to hanging with kids on streets,
Till late,
building that built up hate

Saw a friend smoke a cigarette in year seven,
Who said you only get cancer ‘n go to heaven,
If you smoke past the line,
Remember thinking
Theyre either dumb or blind,

The violence was creeping in,
And weed ‘n alcohol were leaking in,
into my body,
no one could stop me

smoked weed at fourteen,
But my cousin must have been,

Two years younger
‘n he was with me,
So instead of helping he,
I sunk him lower than he was supposed to be

no one ever thought lets help ’em
Until came a kind kid from Feltham

Started breaking the ignorance of racism,
Joint forces and found women,
Double dating, re-arranging,

So he had a girlfriend ‘n I did too,
They were friends ‘n so were us two dudes

After about two years,
And a hell of a lot’a tears,
He broke up with her,
But she got close to me,
And I pursued her,
Without telling he,

Worse of all, I didn’t tell my girlfriend
And nor did I try to end,
It with her,
nor did I try to mend
It with her.

I hurt the people who loved me most
And maybe even the ones to do so first,

‘N so I wasnt much of a ladies man.
Even betrayed the man who gave me the plan

And then baam!
Joined a gang

with new fake mates,
I stayed up late,
smoked more weed,
Got lost in the greed,
Used each other,
Abused each other,

And on my seventeenth birthday
Fought in a new way
Arms and legs flinging,
Everyone bringing
A new rage
I just need to RIPPPP OUT
a new page

Too many fights
too quick
Too much sight,
As a kid

But was rocked on many’a occasions,
Felt lost in a box labelled asian

So before eighteen,
I switched it all up
New scene

Dived into culture,
Searching like a vulture,
Then found meaning
And my heart starting singing

6 months later,
And I had new strength
Goodbye to the faker,
Buried by my undertaker

I was being treated like an equal,
And be forgiven by the people,
and it happened.

Turned a new chapter
And started a fresh.
Attempts to be the best and…
clear up my mess…



It’s ironic how we hate, how others hate us,
But hate the others, how others hate us

You think it’s a must,
but it’s the Same loss of same trust
You see a black man on the news
And you automatically want him to lose
His freedom, his life, his self-respect,
Yet the jury hasn’t given a verdict yet

Yet, you already know ‘he did it’

As his heart is as dark,
as the skin protecting it,
born to fight discrimination
Yet our nation is inflicting it,

It’s funny…HA!

as you dislike black people,
But still wanna be treated as an equal,

The size of the crime is on the rise
You patronize, not empathize

You love a black guy if
He scores in the second half,
On yours and your teams behalf,

A bright smile at the win
you’re finally ignoring his skin
If you saw that same man
while you’re locking up your van
you might walk back
double check the lock
as him being a thief
won’t be a shock

You love a black man if he dances or raps
makes track after track
But sooner or later
your superiority is back
as now he’s off the stage
and off the page
you think you’re better looking
as your skins lighter

Hence you worry about a tan after a holiday
Making you scared of looking too dark n uglay.

It’s kinda funny…HA!

As India see Sikhs in the very same way
You’re the strongest soldiers, greatest dancers
and best carpenters n farmers

But poets? Artists? Intellectuals?

Nah that’s too complex
Because you’re dumb, young
and full of rum

is it the dumb media that left us dumb found
Or are we just dizzy from watching Disney?

We paint Sikh heroes
as whiter than pearls
with a pinkish hue
And the eyes are blue
and the Mughal is who
looks ten shades darker
Making truth harder,
to relate.

It’s kinda funny…HA!

As you hate them, how they hate us
no wonder, they hate us, like we hate them,

It’s like you’re rolling with the KKK
Instead of the 5Ks
But you’re doing it when you have both
Breaking your oath

It’s time we recognized… and finally realized
our fight is to win rights, for the marginalized

Find light in the dark,
like Rosa Parks,
Malcolm X and Dr.King,
Forget trying to win,

be willing to die
don’t die crying
die trying
Like the 9th Master.

It’s like we deserve all the hatred
from when we immigrated
Cuz we treat the new brothers
With the same hate, we hated

It’s like wherever we go,
whatever money trees we grow
We remember one thing:

White is good. Black is bad.
If that’s the case, I suppose brown is average.

It’s kinda funny…HA!

As you hate them, how they hate us
no wonder, they hate us, like we hate them,

It’s time I break the cycle
It’s time I open the mind.

I live for…


I live for the father without a home
Who came from Punjab lost and alone
Struggling to upkeep a painful debt
Tried everything for his dreams
to connect

He was sleeping under a bridge in Heston
He always had one eye open when resting

So the Bollywood dream hits reality,
And is quickly revealed as a fallacy

Stays in a bubble, uses dope to cope
Hides his trouble, from faithful folk

To keep Punjab unaware he hides,
retreated, deleted from their lives,

So while you’re lying in your bed,
He’s try’na work out,
how he gonna get fed


I live for the woman suffering in silence

Every day is another day of domestic violence
Has a bruised temple, goes to the temple,
For relief and care, but leaves with stares,
Next week a bruised nose and everybody knows,
As gossip runs wild like a forest fire,
Shes looking for a level higher,
but her family…. full of liars,

Said they’d be there for whatever, whenever
Not so clever after all,
as they weren’t there at all,

Gave her husband everything he ever needed,
yet she still bleed-ed that night.
This time it just wouldn’t… stop.
Couldn’t be covered by the cloth,

Dreams ripped out of her heart,
left alone in the darkest of dark


I live for the kid straight out of school,

A kinda cool fool,
with a need for weed,
Or anything stronger,
Or anything wrong-er
For escapism.

Special occasions he finds some coke
Helps him cope, when running low on hope
Kinda like his father back in the day
when he first came to the UK
He sees hugs in the drugs,
Drinks in jugs, at a time,
helps him rewind to a happier time
Where confidence was outside the bottle,
Before his mum was throttled,
by his pops, Eyes popped,

Before he failed exams,
A steady hardworking man,
ready to win the world for fam

Now his addictions are too heavy
And his dad refuses to levy,
The debt and destruction
So he decides to jump

Will you catch him?

Or will you think he deserved it
And serve the kid
with insults like
‘crackhead was stupid’

The weird thing is,
all this tragedy
happened in the same family
Father, mother and son,
All labelled as dumb
by the very same community
Meant to save them from harm.

Stop the fears
Feel the tears.


Sometimes when I’m turban tying,
Explosive thoughts hit me,
as it’s me in the mirror whose trying,
to hit me back and convince me,

No winner, no loser,
noone ever wins….
And so
The inner-battle slowly begins.

My monologue enters like a soft stream in a dream,
I zone out, and try to make sense of what it means:

You think expansion of wealth,
so you can be comforted
I think how can I mend health,
without being confronted,

You watch tv,
and idolize a celebrity,
I choose what my mind eats,
keeping all of my dignity,

You shout when you have a problem
to make sure you’re listened to
I whisper in the darkness,
with light glistening through

You dress in all black,
and want the world to think you’re bright,
I wear a bright palette,
to reflect every colour within light

You think in the short term,
one step at a time,
I take time to map out,
every mile in the mind,

Everytime you move, the world worsens,
Wreck here, wreck there
I keep walking on, even when it hurts
Step here, step there

You think,
the darker the skin,
the badder the man,
I heal racism,
its a madness in the mind of mad

You’re a boy in a man’s body,
your actions are abusive,
I’m from a gentleman’s circle,
our actions are inclusive,

You fiend for a female,
Giving them trustful lies
I see a queen in a female,
Destroying lustful eyes,

I wake from the daze,
And it feels like days,
that past, but at last,
The voice of truth fades in, and starts

The loud voice in my head
Sounded weak and meek,
It’s the softer voice saying:
‘Mun Jeeteh Jagjeet’,

So why am I trying to change those around me,
Inspiration will change those who surround me
I don’t need to be convincing or fighting anyone
I battle myself with ancient weaponary, no gun.

Experience becomes my arrow,
knowledge is my bow,
I shoot at my mind, if narrow,
and attack internal foes.

See…the mirror forever reflects
and the final fabric turn of the turban,
turns like a turbine
Locking in thoughts,
till the next time…

Look yourself in the eye
and find your weakness,
and only then will they slowly,
begin, to retreat from us.

Ill fight in the next spare second I see,
Whenever it will be,
this life long battle to be free,
Won’t be easy….

Sardaar from Afar

Sardar from afarSardar jee…

I see you from across the street,
You get closer and we’re about to meet,
I look over for a quick second,
I go for the nod, cause I reckon,
You’ll reply…by lookin’ me right in the eye.

We both have a turban on our head,
But instead, of breaking bread,
Your eyes look straight dead…forward
You serve a plate of distaste,
Almost embarrassed of another brother’s embrace,
So my nod and smile,
Still look wild for a while,
In this concrete jungle,
No time for pleasantries,
when running through rubble.

Why should I have to think twice?
When I’m just trying to be nice.

After I reflect, I remember to never expect,
As a polite nod, is not always met.

So my fellow sardar brother,
Why not respond to another,
Sardar from afar,
Don’t see me as an other
We both fight the same battles daily,
Same exact ones since we were babies,
Probably even from the same town,
We even wear the same crown,
Yet your default response is to… look straight down and frown.

Basically, I just wanna say,
If you’re having a bad day,
Say hi, fateh, hey,
Smile back at smiles
Nod back at nods,
Lets mend social wrongs
And prove we can all get along… as one.

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The Green Frog

I’ma tell you about a dream, that I had last week
Would call it a nightmare, but that sounds kinda weak

I was riding the Hounslow to Central on the tube,
When I met this rude dude, who said he saw me on youtube

I was wearing flip flops on the way to charity shops,
And the guy next to me, had a jar of green frogs

He said “I don’t mean to be disrespecting,”
But why are rastas like you carrying weapons”

I laughed, “Nah we’re not jamacian,
just ‘cus we down the road from Kingston.

I told him “It’s not an arm to do harm,
It’s for defensive means through love and charm”

I questioned him, “whats your favourite book?”
and All I got back was a really weeeird look

“Reading? That’s for dumb guys!”
At that exact moment I realised,

That although the guy looked like he was well-fed
His mind was staved of intellectual bread

Then I told him. Like a old man told me
“I’m a old man in a young man’s body”…

He shared his inadequacies and flaws he was feeling
He was breaking all the social laws, till the ceiling

Collapsed! Which it did.
A backpack and bushy beard,
wasn’t all they feared!

Flashing lights stronger than Kanye’s
Made the whole carriage start to runaway!

Next thing I saw was a thunderous blast
The carriage shook from side to side, real fast,

All I heard then was people up and down screaming,
The rude dude asked me…. “what was life’s meaning?”

But I could reply, I was woken by the morning
Jumped out of bed and as I brushed my teeth, yawning,

I thought about the rude dude searching reality,
I started to assess what really mattered to me

Reaching for the phone, or food in the kitchen
I’m looking at the closest home for my restrictions

I can’t be that trapped green frog in the jar,
I need to find  the king within… and search close and far.