Sometimes when I’m turban tying,
Explosive thoughts hit me,
as it’s me in the mirror whose trying,
to hit me back and convince me,

No winner, no loser,
noone ever wins….
And so
The inner-battle slowly begins.

My monologue enters like a soft stream in a dream,
I zone out, and try to make sense of what it means:

You think expansion of wealth,
so you can be comforted
I think how can I mend health,
without being confronted,

You watch tv,
and idolize a celebrity,
I choose what my mind eats,
keeping all of my dignity,

You shout when you have a problem
to make sure you’re listened to
I whisper in the darkness,
with light glistening through

You dress in all black,
and want the world to think you’re bright,
I wear a bright palette,
to reflect every colour within light

You think in the short term,
one step at a time,
I take time to map out,
every mile in the mind,

Everytime you move, the world worsens,
Wreck here, wreck there
I keep walking on, even when it hurts
Step here, step there

You think,
the darker the skin,
the badder the man,
I heal racism,
its a madness in the mind of mad

You’re a boy in a man’s body,
your actions are abusive,
I’m from a gentleman’s circle,
our actions are inclusive,

You fiend for a female,
Giving them trustful lies
I see a queen in a female,
Destroying lustful eyes,

I wake from the daze,
And it feels like days,
that past, but at last,
The voice of truth fades in, and starts

The loud voice in my head
Sounded weak and meek,
It’s the softer voice saying:
‘Mun Jeeteh Jagjeet’,

So why am I trying to change those around me,
Inspiration will change those who surround me
I don’t need to be convincing or fighting anyone
I battle myself with ancient weaponary, no gun.

Experience becomes my arrow,
knowledge is my bow,
I shoot at my mind, if narrow,
and attack internal foes.

See…the mirror forever reflects
and the final fabric turn of the turban,
turns like a turbine
Locking in thoughts,
till the next time…

Look yourself in the eye
and find your weakness,
and only then will they slowly,
begin, to retreat from us.

Ill fight in the next spare second I see,
Whenever it will be,
this life long battle to be free,
Won’t be easy….

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