The Green Frog

I’ma tell you about a dream, that I had last week
Would call it a nightmare, but that sounds kinda weak

I was riding the Hounslow to Central on the tube,
When I met this rude dude, who said he saw me on youtube

I was wearing flip flops on the way to charity shops,
And the guy next to me, had a jar of green frogs

He said “I don’t mean to be disrespecting,”
But why are rastas like you carrying weapons”

I laughed, “Nah we’re not jamacian,
just ‘cus we down the road from Kingston.

I told him “It’s not an arm to do harm,
It’s for defensive means through love and charm”

I questioned him, “whats your favourite book?”
and All I got back was a really weeeird look

“Reading? That’s for dumb guys!”
At that exact moment I realised,

That although the guy looked like he was well-fed
His mind was staved of intellectual bread

Then I told him. Like a old man told me
“I’m a old man in a young man’s body”…

He shared his inadequacies and flaws he was feeling
He was breaking all the social laws, till the ceiling

Collapsed! Which it did.
A backpack and bushy beard,
wasn’t all they feared!

Flashing lights stronger than Kanye’s
Made the whole carriage start to runaway!

Next thing I saw was a thunderous blast
The carriage shook from side to side, real fast,

All I heard then was people up and down screaming,
The rude dude asked me…. “what was life’s meaning?”

But I could reply, I was woken by the morning
Jumped out of bed and as I brushed my teeth, yawning,

I thought about the rude dude searching reality,
I started to assess what really mattered to me

Reaching for the phone, or food in the kitchen
I’m looking at the closest home for my restrictions

I can’t be that trapped green frog in the jar,
I need to find  the king within… and search close and far.

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