The forced disappearance of Punjabi intellectuals over the last 30 years is the unspoken war that has been fought since Indian Armed forces invaded Darbar Sahib in Amritsar. This orchestrated campaign by those in power to permanently silence key academics, scholars, authors, playwrights, poets, journalists and students has denied Punjabi society of those who might have helped it to advance. Men who have called themselves Sikhs have sat alongside others who merely don the garb, to abduct targeted people as they walk in broad daylight. It is shocking to witness, let alone endure. But what is more shocking is that the Punjabi society which remains untouched sits silently still and few step up to replace the intellectuals, save for those who echo the status quo.

Written and directed by Harwinder Singh Mander
Director of Photography by Gurbir Singh Nakhwal
Produced by Narvir Singh and Harwinder Singh Mander
Music by Matthew Huffaker
Starring: Navdeep Singh, Avneet Kaur, Harwinder Singh Mander, Jagdeep Singh, Shamsher Singh, Biravtar Singh, Imrat Singh

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