Who Killed Bobby Rai

Bobby Rai, an ordinary young man of a Punjabi-Sikh background was murdered in highly suspicious circumstances as he walked home from his local train station. He had become one of the most recognisable spokesmen in the #iPledgeOrange movement the previous year and his murder came as a shock at a time when Sikh activism in the UK had mostly dissipated. A lack of suspects and rumours of an investigative cover-up leads the 9-6 Network to investigate ‘Who Killed Bobby Rai?’

A short docu-fiction inspired by real life events and in tribute to the #iPledgeOrange movement.

Narrator … Bhupinder Deol
Daljit Singh … Sulakhan Singh Khosa
Rick … Ben Gardner Gray
Carrie … Shauna Leone
Doug … Alex Corbet Burcher
Ryan … Nour Eid
Raghbir … Iqbal Singh Grewal
Commuter … Kate Stern-Weiner
Paramedic … Mena Shah
‘Sikh 1’ … Gurbir Singh
‘Sikh 2’ … Narvir Singh
Bobby Rai … Harvy Mander

Director and Writer … Harwinder Singh Mander
Director of Photography … Gurbir Singh
Sound Recordist … Narvir Singh
Composer … Bobby Singh Kang
Producers … Harwinder Singh Mander and Narvir Singh
Executive Producer … Jagdip Singh Mander

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